What Did You Do With Your Dimes?

Twenty cents from each bar of Shiny Digm Soap will go towards helping people locally and globally.


This quarter, our dimes will be donated to the Charlton County Public Library Children’s Section.


This quarter, our dimes will be donated to charity: water.

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects.

Read more about them here.

To get the ball rolling, here are some ideas on ways you could use your dimes:

Add it – combine your dimes with your friends’

Subtract it – Take twenty cents off the cost of your product or service

Multiply it – Twenty cents/day x 5 days = $1…use the dollar for good.

Convert it – How much is your time worth? Do twenty cents worth of work for free.

What did you do with your dimes?

17 Responses to What Did You Do With Your Dimes?

  1. Felicia says:

    I like ths concept. Good luck with it.

    Love U, Fee.

  2. gerri p says:

    If you buy a case of water, a bottle costs a little less than a pair of dimes.. I take a couple out of the frig when leaving the house. When people are down on their luck and are out holding signs in the heat they seem to really appreciate a cold water & a couple of encouraging words (even when I don’t have a dollar to add)

  3. Yola says:

    I like Gerri’s idea with bottles of water giving out. With 20 cents, I would try to get others to invest 20 cents as well to donate to a charity.

  4. Kristi Gilleland says:

    I’d save them to donate them to the Salvation Army. I always try to have extra change so I can also give my son some to put in the cans at Christmas. I’ve done this since he was a little bitty boy. They do good work in my community. I’ve seen it first hand.

  5. llchacko says:

    With 2 dimes I’d get a piece of art paper and make a sign to donate to this worthy charity cause

  6. Tricia Andrews says:

    I will donate 2 dimes a day (put into a jar on my counter) and at the end of the month donate it to our local food bank, the NC Central and Eastern NC Food Bank. Sure they needed canned goods, but they can also stretch a dollar really far!

  7. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I bought notebook paper for 15 cents and donated it to the school supplies drive.

  8. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I won coupons for pancake syrup and I saved my dimes and added pancake mix to the syrup and donated it to our church’s food pantry.

  9. Littlelulu says:

    By all the checkout counters at the grocery stores here, there are boxes to donate change to a charity for animals. I’d put my dimes in there to help all of our 4 legged friends.

  10. I also took my dimes and donated school supplies this year. I do this every year as there are so many families that cannot afford to get the supplies for their children. Most things are already marked down so if you can get the items on clearance even now and donate them to the schools, the teachers can help the kids throughout the year with replenishing them as needed.

  11. Patti D says:

    Lovin this!
    First of all, I am going to post this on my blog!
    Secondly, two dimes goes towards the purchase of newspapers of Sundays, so that I can leave random coupons all over for others to use

  12. milehiputney says:

    This site is the …., we all may not have a lot of money, but somewhere in your day, week, month..etc we will run across 2 “shinydigms”!

    I’m going to donate 500 shinydigms from every website or graphic design job I do to start a Children’s book donation program in every brick & mortar business that is willing to participate. We as a society need to encourage early childhood reading (and parents to read to their children at an early age).

  13. shinydigm says:

    Did you know that Box Tops for Education are worth 10 cents each?
    I never paid attention to them until my nephew brought a note home from school stating that they were collecting them.

    Now every time I see one I cut it out for his school.

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