The Challenge

Simply put, The Shiny Digm Challenge is to take a pair of dimes and make a positive change in the world.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of a paradigm shift. To make a huge difference is a daunting task for anyone. But to make a small change is simple.

My desire is to shift the energy from “I can’t do anything with 20 cents” to “what can I do with 20 cents” and “I can do something

I believe that most people want have a desire to do good.  I believe that many people feel so intimidated by the thought of making a big change, that they let things continue on the way they always have.

I also believe that actions powered by love have a stronger impact.

My mission is to make whatever I touch better, and to inspire everyone I touch to do the same.

I envision a world where people don’t hold back their acts of kindness for fear that they are too small.  A small act can make a big difference.

I’m no longer interested in being “the One” who made the big change.  I know that small change adds up.  I know that everyone is capable of making a small change to make something better. All of our small changes will add up.

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