Dimes for Sarai

Hey everybody!

This time we’re sending our dimes and love to Sarai. Here’s her story.



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We are going through some changes. Shiny Digm is still here. Look for some exciting changes coming soon…

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This time, our dimes go to…

The John Burney memorial fund will be the recipient of our shiny dimes until further notice.

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On a Mission

My mission is to make whatever I touch better, and to inspire everyone I touch to do the same.

What is Shiny Digm?

The Shiny Digm concept emerged from a play on the word “Paradigm.”

A Paradigm is basically an accepted way of doing something. When spoken, the word “paradigms” sounds similar to “pair of dimes.”

Shiny represents newness, or a renewal of something old.

Essentially, Shiny Digm is a new paradigm.

We aim to bring about a major positive change in the world with our own acts of giving and service, and also by inspiring and challenging others to make small, positive changes.  We even provide the pair of dimes.  We encourage people to visit our blog and write about the small, positive changes that they have made using, or inspired by a pair of dimes.  This is not intended to be a brag board, but a place where people can come to be inspired by the deeds of others. Since a budget forces us to be creative, we foresee that there will be many innovative ideas posted.  With your participation we will see how collectively we are able to make a big change in the world.

You are not limited to twenty cents.  It’s just a starting point really.  You don’t even have to use any money.

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